K-Pax: Is Prot an Extraterrestrial?

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Throughout time space exploration is constantly evolving and expanding in search of life forms beyond this planet. The totality of all matter and energy that exists in the vastness of space is yet to be discovered. While Earth is the only planet known to sustain life, surely there are unrevealed beings inhabiting the cosmos. Although human technology is reaching the point where man made probes explore the extraterrestrial soil of other planets, our own planet’s future is still uncertain. However it is man’s “dream” to encounter an extraterrestrial of some kind to answer the unexplainable mysteries of space. In the science fiction drama titled K-Pax, the most unrealistic event actually occurs—an alien named Prot visits the Earth. With his superlative knowledge of the solar system, physical abilities that are far beyond human capability and inexplicable connection with others, Prot proves to be indeed a life form from the planet K-Pax. All bizarre incidents and things of unfamiliar nature are questioned by humans. Following a disturbance at the New York Grand Central Station a man wearing black shades appears out of nowhere. When he is questioned by the police and asked to take of his shades he simply replies that his name is Prot and he has forgotten how vivid with light our planet is. At this instant it is evident that this character Prot is an idiosyncratic being not accustomed to sunlight. Nonetheless his peculiar behavior lands him in a mental hospital. Under careful examinations from doctors his brain is found in excellent condition. Amazed at his degree of intelligence, Dr. Chakraborty states that Prot is found negative of any imbalance substances and concussions to the brain. A patient that truly suffers from a psychiatric disorder has abnormal neurotransmitter chemicals among the brain. In Prot’s case the brain examinations substantiated that he does not

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