Jw Advertising Case

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Introduction Johnnie Walker brand was a well known whiskey brand that uses the main tag line of “keep walking” for over a decade. The “keep walking” campaign has been successful in most of its major market as it differentiates well and is still relevant to this day. However, with the emergence of China as a potentially large market, Johnnie Walker faced a challenge of making its “keep walking” campaign relevant to the local customers while still maintaining consistency with the overall global campaign. Cultural difference such as the more individualistic western mindset versus the more social focused Chinese mindset and the fact that China is also a fast developing country and its people have unique aspiration and priorities present a challenging obstacle to be overcome. Last, but not least, main competitors such as Chivas have already established a strong presence in the Chinese market and have much larger advertisement spending compared to Johnnie Walker. In response to the challenge, Johnnie Walker has adapted its “keep walking” campaign to the Chinese context by introducing the “keep walking in pact towards success” campaign that is more relevant. The campaign was launched using a traditional marketing such as TV ads and coupled with newer media channel such as interactive websites that is connected to the TV ads. The resulting campaign has been successful which helped Johnnie Walker increase brand awareness as well as sales in the China market. This paper will analyze the communication and media strategy and the integration aspect of the advertisement campaign in China. Communication In terms of the Johnnie Walker brand and the product category of liquors and spirits, the whiskey itself is a low-involvement product decision needing transformational motivation. In terms of the Rossiter and

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