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Juvenile offenders Mrs. Kadrmas 06 may 2011 Juvenile Offenders The number of violent crimes committed by juveniles declined tremendously from the 1990s to 2003. After this it jumped again in 2003, with an estimated number of juvenile murder offenders increasing by 30 percent. Juveniles are younger, their minds aren't at the same maturity level as adults. Should juveniles be tried as an adult in courts? Juveniles are capable of committing the same crimes as adults. Juveniles commit larger crimes thinking they should get a lesser charge because of their age. The next paragraphs will be explaining the theory if juveniles should be tried in adults courts and also the violent crimes that cause them to be placed in criminal court. When sentencing a juvenile convicted as a adult, circuit court judges can send the juveniles directly to an adult Penitentiary, but a judge can also suspend time off the adult time and instead out the juvenile in a program that is ran by the Department of Juvenile Justice. Waiving juveniles to criminal court is not the answer to the crime situation (Brown 1). Waivers are a short term solution to a complex social condition that will not send the juvenile to a criminal court. Waivers serve to help the public desire doe retribution. About the whole majority of juveniles waived to criminal court will re enter society judged by their criminal activity and most likely more dangerous before they were sanctioned as adults. The legal standards in adult and juvenile courts are different (Steinberg 1). Competing to stand trial is based among adult defendants unless they suffer from a serious mental illness or substantial mental retardation. In at least some high profile cases, circuit judges have dealed with many difficult questions when deciding the fate of a teenager convicted of a serious crime such as murder. This sometimes made

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