Juveniles Tried as Adults Essay

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Juveniles Tried As Adults John Doe English 1A Professor Education November 13, 2014 Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults For Violent Crimes. Over 500,000 juveniles are taken into custody every year in the United States. Although the arrests of juveniles may fluctuate on a yearly basis, Snyder and Sickmund (2006) stated in 2003 alone there were 2.2 million arrests made comprised of persons under the age of 18. There are roughly 12.5 million arrests made every year in the United States and with 2.2 million of those arrests being juveniles, that enormous number becomes a very alarming one. Two hundred and fifty thousand juveniles are tried and sentenced for their crimes as adults every year in the United States. It would seem that courtrooms are taking these juvenile cases with the significance they deserve but with only half of the average yearly rate of juvenile arrests being tried in an adult courtroom, questions about how seriously public safety has come into consideration in the United States. Juveniles who commit violent crimes should always be tried as adults in the courtroom. These numbers have had an extensive impact in the United State’s juvenile judicial system. Semple and Woody (2011) stated that with a rise of violent crimes committed by juveniles, 49 out of the 50 states transferred their juvenile offenders into the adult criminal system. The United States is beginning to see the severity of this nationwide epidemic and have begun to take steps in order to correct and regulate the primitive juvenile judicial system. Urbina and White (2009) stated that juvenile judicial systems have taken steps to change laws in order to deal with these out of control juveniles. There seems to be a changing response to violent offenders in today’s society, but it has not reached its full potential to create a flawless juvenile judicial system. But In the United

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