Juveniles Tried as Adults Essay

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Tia Briggs Ms. Simpkins English 11.5th hour October 17, 2012 Juvenile offenders tried as adults “You are here-by sentenced to life in prison”, is an intimidating adult-like sentence that many young offenders have heard in their short lives. Youth violence has become a national concern, and juvenile arrests are steadily rising. Some offenders can range from 9 years of age up to 18 years old and despite their ages, can commit crimes that you never thought they could or would even think of committing. Some are rapist, gang-members and even murderers. However, regardless of the crimes they have committed, they are young children that have not had a chance to explore life and everything that it has to offer them. Life at home and parent’s actions are key factors in how children grow up and what they do at young ages. Most children watch and listen to everything that their elders do and if the parents are not headed in the right direction in their lives then most of the time young children lead in that direction. Young offenders can commit very serious crimes without a thought about the consequences that it holds. Some are born into bad lifestyles or they just grew up around bad things so they do not quite know right from wrong. Moreover, they see that doing or being bad is the only way to be. Many people, especially victims and families of victims of the young offenders believe that they deserve any adult-like sentence that they a handed. Sometimes, these lost, young minded children’s lives are gone without even looking at their backgrounds, how they grew up, or the circumstances that they grew up in. Young children can be manipulated at such young ages that it can be easy for their minds to be able to think that what they are doing is not wrong or will not cause consequences. An article published by Supreme Court

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