Juveniles Treated Like Adults

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I feel that juveniles should be tried as adults for the crimes they do for 4 simple reasons, reason one if you can do the crime then you should face the time that comes with doing the crime. Juveniles are not stupid they know what they are doing before they are doing it, if there mind is made up then they are going to do the crime. People are smarter then what you know with how fast the world is involving there are many things that juveniles can do to help them get away with crime especially with the help of modern technology. If a juvenile is his or her right mind and know what they are doing is wrong then by all means they should be punished as an adult. If the juvenile is pleading insanity then they should be evaluated to see if it true but if the test comes back clear then they deserve the punishment that an adult would get (debate.org, N.D). Juveniles are old enough to know what they are doing, truth is told a young child that is 3 or for knows right from wrong, and at a certain age you know what you are doing, so if a minor steals from a store, purse snatch, or start feeling that they are grown then they should face the charges of a grown person. So a minor should be responsible for what he or she does wrong and according to what type of crime they did the punishment should match. I feel that justice should be served, example there was a case in Pennsylvania where a juvenile killed his dads girlfriend while she was sleep and the disturbing part is she was pregnant with his baby brother. This juvenile should do life in prison. Juveniles are young adults, they are not kids or babies, young adults if they are same knows right from wrong and acts of violence and breaking the law is not right so punishment is required, is it right for a 17 year old to rape a 35 year old lady and only get a fine? No normally men are stronger and some of these 17 year olds are over
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