Juvenile Diversion Essay

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Juvenile Diversion, Intervention, or Prevention Programs in Cook County, Illinois Kayla J. Decker CJA-374 Monday April 8th 2013 Amy Gordon Chicago Illinois is the birthplace of the juvenile justice system. This historical fact has been overshadowed by the increasingly high crime rate that occurs in the Windy City. How much of this crime rate is based on juveniles? According to the Chicago Police Department (2009), in the year of 2008, there were 23,018 juvenile arrests in the city of Chicago. One can ask what exactly is the city of Chicago or the state of Illinois doing to help decrease the numbers when it comes to juvenile crime. In the following paragraphs, two different programs that are active and help with keeping juveniles away from the life of crime will be discussed. Chicago Area Project (CAP) The Chicago Area Project (CAP) was founded by Clifford Shaw in the 1930’s. Shaw began this program because he believed that every neighborhood could reduce its own amount of juvenile crime by improving the community life (CAP, n.d.). CAP provides various different programs to the city of Chicago, not only to youth but to adults also. In order to decrease the amount of juvenile delinquency, CAP takes on a three-way approach or theory to the issues. The three parts of this theory are, according to the Chicago Area Project (n.d.) community organizing, direct services and advocacy. The part of community organizing allows the project to identify the local leaders, while supporting the residents. The project feels that while working along with the community, the issues can be easily found and quickly addressed and resolved. A direct service is the second part of the theory and plays a large role in making this diversion and prevention program work. CAP networks with 40 different affiliates, which allows the program to offer a large amount of

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