Juvenile Delinquency in High Schools

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Indeed, there was a major delinquency problem at my high school. Too many kids would smoke in the bathrooms, making it incredibly hard to use them. We also had some dumb people destroy a computer lab and the library, therefore making us undergo the “no fly” rule, which meant we had to have an adult escort anywhere we went. The idiocy of a few teens caused trouble the entire school. I mean, would you enjoy for a teacher to walk you to the bathroom and wait while you pee? Not only did we undergo the “no fly” rule, but we also got every privilege taken away from us. We have metal detectors that we have to walk through every morning and then they proceed to check our bags. This was put into place due to the school shooting we had many years ago. They do locker checks to make sure there are no drugs or weapons as well. Our privacy was completely taken away due to the delinquency of just a few. Cellphones were no longer allowed, as well as reading tablets and cameras. Basically we were in a prison. You’d think that taking away our things would help. But no, it didn’t. Students just disobeyed and rebelled even more to try and get a point across. Of course this only angered our principal even more. The students ran the school. Plain and simple. No one took the faculty and staff seriously, therefore delinquency has been and always will be an issue. My opinion on whether disobedient youths should be suspended could go either way. I would think yes because if they’re going to distract others with their behavior they don’t need to be there. Also since they wouldn’t be able to make up their work it should teach them a little lesson. But at the same time I feel like suspension is ineffective. Not only are you pulling a child out of school, but you are telling them that we just don’t want to see you for a few days. And then they can easily cause another problem. I

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