Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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Source #1 Scholarly articles By Alina Saminsky (2010) Title- Preventing Juvenile Delinquency: Early Intervention and Comprehensiveness as Critical Factors Does home visitation program really improve parenting? The results speak for themselves. Within four years of the birth of the first child, rates of additional pregnancies were lower, and the workforce was higher. The effects of a visitation program includes a reduction in maternal substance abuse during pregnancy, a reduction in mistreating a child, a reduction in family size, closely spaced pregnancies, and chronic welfare dependence. The negative effects of cigarette smoking on children’s IQ at ages 3 and 4 were completely eliminated among nurse-visited children (Olds et al. 67). These are actually nurse visits and start out with an expecting parent in the home. Also, students who have home visits would show signs of improving in school, and parents are showing greater employment and family stability. Parents are taught to use punishment effectively. http://www.studentpulse.com/articles/165/3/preventing-juvenile-delinquency-early-intervention-and-comprehensiveness-as-critical-factors With these results I plan to discuss how juvenile delinquency can began within the home starting from the time of conception. Parents also play a big role when pertaining to reducing juvenile delinquencies. Source #2 Scholarly article By: Steven Schlossman, Stephanie Wallach Published: Online date, Tuesday Jan 3, 2012 The juvenile justice system discrimination against poor and minority children has been well documented, but the system’s discrimination on the basis of gender has been less widely recognized. From the neglected court records and other sources, girls have shown to have been apart of the numbers of the juvenile delinquency rates. Female juvenile delinquencies tend to be charged with a severe

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