Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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Daniel kongou April 6, 2012 Juvenile’s justice Juveniles Should Be Treated As Adult Professor RAMSEY Juvenile’s delinquency has become a major problem for law enforcement and for the community. Nowhere seems to be safe nowadays because kids want to act like adult and want to take control in any situation especially when it goes to their benefits. They want to have the power and the respect by becoming gang members. They commit criminal act in the community and are not afraid of the consequences. They do not have or take the time to learn about life and what is good for them. These teenagers need to change their life around and they need to understand that there is something called “law” that needs to be respected and follow or there could be serious consequences. “The wrongdoing among children has become so outrageous and such a frequent factor in day-to-day news , not only in the United States but also in nearly all parts of the globe, that some people have reached a state of alarm that makes them think the word “juvenile” is inseparably joined to the word “delinquent” (Roucek 1961). A juvenile treated as an adult has never been a bad idea. People might wonder how can this happen and how can this be processed but it is not as hard as we think. There are so many crimes that teenager’s commit nowadays that really have nothing different with the adult’s one. Sometimes their crimes are even harsher and unbelievable. There is no more confidentiality when a juvenile is treated and tried as an adult for a serious crime. It is open to the public and as far as it goes for the sentence, there is no negotiation or favoritism because of the age. The sentence is the same as an adult’s one. It is for the kid to have a better understanding about the crime he had committed and the damage he created

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