Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper

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Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper Joseph Merritt CJA/374 October 3,2011 Tim Tyler Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper This paper will focus on juvenile crimes and juvenile statistics which will show us that our children are continuing to commit crimes at an alarming rate. Although these statistics are rather old, as we review them they will show that juvenile crime will continue to climb. Juvenile crime, is different crimes committed by children that are considered by law to be minors and are not of the legal age of 18 to be tried as an adult. Their offenses include misdemeanor style acts that is considered crimes if an adult were to commit them. Some of our juveniles today are very misguided and are often following the wrong crowd. The parents of these juveniles feel that they have done all they can do for these children in trying to provide the best life for them but, as it will be seen in this paper it does not matter the type of background these juveniles come from peer- pressure is possibly the cause for some of the statistics that we see. Although There are many different theories about what influence juveniles to commit Delinquent acts the thing that influences juvenile the most is societies. The Reason for this is the fact that society labels an individual according to their upbringing, Their environment and their lack of education. The main purpose of the Juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate juveniles so that they can become a Contributing member of society and not another career criminal. the main point of this paper is to talk about juvenile crime and juvenile statistics. We need statistics to help assist in the measurement of the crimes that are being committed by our juveniles. When measuring statistics it is very important to understand exactly what statistics is all about.

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