Juvenile Crime Statistics Essay

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Running head: JUVENILE CRIME STATISTICS PAPER 1 Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper CJA/374 JUVENILE CRIME STATISTICS PAPER 2 Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper Introduction Juvenile crime statistics is truly misunderstood by today’s society. The general public pushes for harsher punishment when in reality juvenile crime rate has actually decreased. This paper will summarize the “Juvenile Arrests 2008”. This paper will further discuss the overall decrease in juvenile arrests, the increase in drug offenses and simple assaults, implications for juvenile females and members of ethnic and racial minorities, an increase in juvenile female arrests and a decrease in arrests for juvenile male offenders for violent crimes, as well as what assessment are used to track juvenile arrests in order to measure the amount of juvenile crime as well as its trends. The Overall Decrease in Juvenile Arrests Overall Review Data from 2008 shows that juvenile arrests for violent crime declined between 2006 and 2008. According to Puzzanchera (2009) “In 2008 there were 2.11 million juvenile arrests, which is 16% lower than the arrests in 1999” (p.3). In 2008 juvenile arrests for forcible rape was at an all time low since 1980, aggravated assault arrests were also at its lowest since 1988. However, juvenile arrests for murder were at its low in 2004, but increased from 2005 to 2007. Further, the Property Crime Index decreased by 20%, larceny-theft by 17%, murder by 5%, motor vehicle theft by 50%, and burglary by 14% (Puzzanchera, 2008). Juvenile Arrests and Monitoring Unit Due to an increase in firearm offenses in Fort Myers, Florida, probation officers as well as police officers were forced to monitor juveniles convicted of firearm offenses for prosecutors, judiciary, and probation. “At least fourteen juvenile offenders convicted of firearm offenses are JUVENILE CRIME STATISTICS

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