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A Problem With The Court System: Should We Lower The Age Of Conviction For Minors? Jessie L. Blair Flagler College SOC 260 R. Parker Abstract: The Juvenile Justice System is a specific branch of the court system that deals with the prosecution and imprisonment of minors, or people below the legal age of eighteen who have committed crimes. These individuals are dealt with by the juvenile courts, their sentence is determined by them, and they are dealt with entirely by the juvenile facilities. However, some believe that the age in which children are finally considered “adults” is not accurate and that the Juvenile court system is too lenient when it comes to “children” committing serious crimes. This paper will address the idea of lowering the legal age, so that those individuals in the proper age range who commit certain serious crimes will be tried as adults, thus receiving the proper…show more content…
If the juvenile has been in a rehabilitation before, and the attempts have been unsuccessful, the juvenile may simply be too stubborn to try and improve. This would constitute as a juvenile willing to do something in order to receive something else that they believe outweigh the risks of consequence. Risks of Adult Court There are several risks (to the State) of having a minor in an adult court room, going through a traditional court hearing. In a juvenile hearing, there is no (aside from a few States) court jury, whereas in an adult hearing there is a jury, oftentimes leaving the penalty up to the sympathy of an adult court. Also, having a minor in an adult setting can often make the judge feel like he or she is using time that could be spent on something more important on someone of less importance. This sometimes allows the juvenile to get by with a quicker hearing, and a lighter sentence.

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