Justin Martyr a so Called Apologist

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Corey Duncan HIS 326 9/30/14 Justin Martyr a So Called Apologist During the beginning stages of Christianity between the first and fourth century there were many martyrs for the church. A martyr is a person who is killed or suffers greatly for a religion or cause. Each Christian martyr suffered greatly for a cause that they truly believed in. This cause was to spread the teachings of a man named Jesus of Nazareth who lived from C.5 B.C.E. to C. 30 C.E. Most of the martyrs knew that they would die spreading the so called good news of Jesus of Nazareth and some even wanted to die believing that was the only way to have an afterlife in heaven. Of these martyrs one of the more interesting and important is a man named Justin Martyr. So who is this Justin Martyr? According to Bart D. Ehrman’s book After the New Testament Justin Martyr was a Christian philosopher and apologist. He lived in Rome in the mid-second century. He was born to Gentile parents and raised in Samaria. He moved to Rome after his conversion to Christianity where he opened a Christian school. He claimed to have been taught by a Stoic, a Peripatetic, and a Pythagorean. He eventually was killed with some of his students. So what makes Justin Martyr so important? Justin was one of the first intellectuals to convert to Christianity and also the first major Christian apologist. He wrote against the persecution of Christians attempting to show how irrational the persecution of Christians by pagans was. He is the author of three major works which are two apologies and work titled Dialogue with Trypho. In Justin’s Dialogue with Trypho Justin is debating a Jewish scholar named Trypho. They are debating over whether Jesus could be the Jewish messiah predicted in the Jewish Scriptures. Ehrman writes that Justin appeals to the Old Testament to show that God has planned from the very beginning for
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