Justin King Complaint Essay

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Heather Hankins PA 110 – Unit 3 Action Item: Draft the Justin King Complaint May 12, 2015 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS, EASTERN DIVISION JUSTIN WILLIAM KING, Plaintiff, CASE NO. 1234567 (09) VS. Judge Frank P. Luis ANHEUSER-BUSCH COMPANIES, INC. Defendants. COMPLAINT COMES NOW Plaintiff, JUSTIN WILLIAM KING (“KING”), complains of defendant, ANHEUSER-BUSCH COMPANIES, INC., (“ANHEUSER-BUSCH”) by and through his attorneys of record, SMITH AND JONES law firm, and alleges as follows: I. PARTIES 1. The plaintiff is a resident of Chicago, Illinois. The plaintiff resides within the jurisdiction of this court. 2. The defendant

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