Justin King Case Summary

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Heather Hankins PA 110 – Unit 3 Action Item: Draft the Justin King Complaint May 12, 2015 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS, EASTERN DIVISION JUSTIN WILLIAM KING, Plaintiff, CASE NO. 1234567 (09) VS.…show more content…
That Kings record contract with MCI was cancelled and he was forced to withdraw from the American Idol Contest. Justin Kings Injuries 14. The plaintiff Justin King, sustained permanent injuries to his face and jaw. Plaintiff was admitted and spent two days in the Intensive Care Unit at Paxton Hospital after the accident. 15. Plaintiff was under severe duress and acute pain, as a result of the accident, in that, while at Paxton Hospital, he tried to loosen the wires from his jaw. The attending physician and nurse had to sedate the plaintiff and handcuff him to the bed. 16. Upon awakening from his sedated state, the plaintiff’s agent and family were in his room. Plaintiff requested that he be transported to another hospital. 17. Plaintiff was transported to Metropolitan Memorial Hospital where he endured several surgeries to reset his jaw. Those surgical attempts have failed, thus far. 18. The left side of the plaintiff’s face remains higher than the right side. 19. Plaintiff suffers further humiliation and mental anguish on account of disfigurement to his face. 20. The plaintiff’s medical bills are currently at $145,000 and it has been estimated by the plaintiff’s current treating physician that the plaintiff will incur over $100,000 more in future medical bills, plastic surgery, and,

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