Justin Bieber Perfume Compared to One Direction's Perfume Ad Essay

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The link for the Justin Bieber ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_PXszrG1mI The link for the One Direction ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fNuTf76FlE The two advertisements I compared are very similar, but different at the same time. Both are perfume commercials featuring hot, young, famous male singers. Justin Bieber is the star and creator of one ad while the popular band One Direction is the star of the other. While Justin Bieber’s Someday Ad feature themes of sensuality, passion, and desire and One Direction’s Our Moment Ad reveal themes of fun, humor, and bliss, it is apparent by comparing these two that these ads were created to appeal to the senses of teenage girls. The titles of the two ads differ in that the Justin Bieber ad as showcases a sensual fantasy as opposed to the One Direction ad creating a playful fantasy. The name of the Justin Bieber ad alludes to that magical someday when the famous pop star might appear before the wearer of his perfume. This title gives the impression that if the girl wears his perfume, someday she will have a romantic encounter with Justin. This perfume makes any girl who wears it totally irresistible to Justin. The title sort of takes you on a quest into the possibility of one day being romantically involved with him. He wants you to believe that if you spray on his perfume he will appear before you. The One Direction commercial is not as racy. The title of their ad implies that by wearing their fragrance, girls will get a chance to have a once in a lifetime moment with the group. It implies that by wearing the fragrance the girl will have a pleasant moment alone with whatever band member she likes. The “Someday” ad expresses that when girls apply the fragrance they will be whisked away on a magical adventure with Justin; on the other hand, the “Our Moment” ad expresses that by applying the fragrance the girl

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