Justin Bieber Speech

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Justin Drew Bieber is one of the most inspirational and amazing people i know. His intelligence, generosity, charity and talent are only some of the reasons why he is so well-known and inspiring to young teenagers today. Born on the 1st March 1994 in a small town in Canada, Justin had never dreamed of becoming an international superstar. His parents separated when he was just 2 years old causing a lot of hardship throughout his childhood years. Already at a young age Justin showed potential in many instruments, including the drums, piano and guitar. When Justin was only 12 he entered a small singing competition in his home town Stratford in Canada. After winning second place his mother Pattie Mallette uploaded videos of Justin onto youtube to show close family. Justin’s talent was noticed by many people worldwide, even some important individuals in the music industry, including his present manager Scooter Brawn. Not…show more content…
As his fan base is mainly young teenage girls, it is important to send the right message on how to live an enjoyable, safe and rewarding life. Justin Bieber’s music speaks to me, but his actions speak louder. Justin teaches his fans to never say never and to never give up. That you can reach your dreams no matter what everyone says, no matter how far away they way seem, but if you have dedication, courage, strength and perseverance you will get to where you want to be in life. Another reason Justin inspires me is because of his charity and his constant effort to help others in need. Living in a financially unstable home throughout his whole childhood Justin understands what it is like to be in need. Recently Justin Bieber launched his “Believe” charity drive, a charity aimed at raising money or organisations that are known for their emphases on eduction, youth well-being and
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