Justify The Importance Of Ecosystem Management And Protection

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It is important to manage and protect ecosystems because though they are a dynamic, they are also fragile. The constancy and inertia of ecosystems can be readily changed by natural and human induced disturbances. Recent advancement in science and technology has help humans become more aware of the need to protect and manage the inestimable value of the ecosystem for humans and the world in terms of their genetic, utility, intrinsic, and heritage values, as well perceiving the need to allow natural change and thus evolution to proceed. Furthermore, the management of ecosystem is important to ensure sustainable development, preservation and minimised disturbances and recognition of ecosystem’s importance. The constancy and inertia of ecosystems can be readily changed by natural and human disturbances. Natural disturbances such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can destroy ecosystems. Depending on the severity, ecosystems may take a long time to recover, such as the slow rate of recovery of Mr St Helen after its volcanic eruption in 1995. However, as natural disturbances do not occur often, or are on a regular basis, such as the el Nino. Human disturbances to the ecosystem however, occur on a regular basis. For example, to logging of the Amazonian trees at the rate of one football field per second. The constant degrading to the environment means there is no time for the ecosystem to resist the change hence resulting in a simplified, modified and eventual disclimax ecosystem. Genetic diversity is the variety of genetic material contained in the species in an ecosystem. Ecosystems that are rich in diversity have a greater resilience to natural and human induced stress. The more successful a species is at regeneration and adaptation the less vulnerable it is to changes in its ecosystem. Likewise, as an ecosystem becomes simplified due to breakdown
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