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Providing a Mother’s Room in the Workplace Recently I heard on the news that a YMCA in Currituck County N.C. received a complaint from a nursing mother. The mother stated that she was excited about the YMCA providing a nursing station but when she opened the station it was a chair next to a toilet. Even hearing this news, it disturbed me as a mother. Although I decided not to nurse either one of my children, these conditions sounded so unsanitary. With these temporary conditions being provided at a YMCA, I thought about my place of employment where we have provided a small bathroom with a curtain and a stool to nursing mothers. I decided to write a proposal to all businesses regardless of size or nature of their business to provide a lactation room for employees. I would recommend that the employee provide a specific room which cannot be a restroom or a bathroom stall for an employee to utilize. This room will be used only for the expression of breast milk. If the employee is unable to accommodate with a room, then an office should be designated for privacy. This room or office will provide the Mother with privacy and also comfort in knowing that they will not be interrupted while breast feeding. Concerns over uncleanliness will be eased, because the only person or persons that would be allowed to use this room or office would be a nursing mother. There would be a requirement for this room or office to be cleaned daily. I would point out that Labor Law 206-c requires that employees returning to work following the birth of a child have a right to take unpaid leave for the purpose of expressing breast milk. The employee’s responsibility would be to provide the employer with advance notice, so that the employer would be able to establish a location and ensure no scheduling conflicts with other employees. There have been several articles published that

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