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Justification Report Martan Williams February 27, 2013 Professional Communications Professor Lewis 1 Table Of Contents Introduction About O.R 2.0 Improving the Device Whirlpool Company Analysis 2 Introduction This report plan is directed to the Whirlpool Company, which is a leader in major home appliances, about a new technology that could help save the lives of people around the world. Modern technology will improve the safety of the people in their homes across the world from house fires, or any other dangers that could possibly happen. The device that is being presented in this report is called O.R 2.0 (oven remote 2.0). This device right here could be the solution to the future of home safety and could cut down the deaths that occur around the world from oven fires. About O.R 2.0 The device which at the moment is called O.R2.0 is the newest technology that is going to turn out to be one the greatest inventions to brought to the world of technology and will also sweep the world of its feet with its features. This small handheld device which about the same size as a galaxy s3 phone, is built to go with the newer ovens that is built. In process right now we are trying to find a chip or maybe a device that would be able to be suitable for the older model ovens that were made before 2013. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in 2012, U.S. fire departments responded to 399,000 home structure fires. These fires caused 13,600 civilian injuries, 2,865 civilian deaths, and 7.4 billion in direct damage ( Richard Rebstock, AD ESH Safety and Health Group). Now with that much damage being caused in just the U.S from someone forgetting that their oven still being on, not paying 3 attention to it, maybe their kids were messing with it or the main reason why fires tend to happen

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