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Ben Daniels Eng315 02-16-2013 Assignment 4 My report plan is simple I will write to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to elaborate on the tragic mistake it would be to eliminate wrestling from the Olympic Games. Wrestling dates back to ancient Greece the forefathers of the Olympics and it has been an event just as long. Removing wrestling from the Olympics is a colossal catastrophe in which the many millions of fans like me will never recover. The IOC must be ignorant to the many that will be damaged from removing wrestling from the Olympics. It teaches millions of children the determination and dedication it takes to succeed at something in life. College kids simply wrestle for the passion of the sport as is there is no NFL or NBA for wrestlers the Olympics allows people to display their love and dedication to the sport on a world level. By taking this away it tears the dreams of a few passionate individuals to compete and display their skills for the world to enjoy and give many others the courage to stand up and go for their dreams not for the gain of fame or fortune but simply for the passion behind what it is that moves you. Ultimately the only two resources I can use will be social media and word of mouth due to the nature of a lack of funds to drive this operation. I could also find senators or governors who support my views by writing those letters and express my concern and great distress this causes the many that love wrestling and will be impacted from its removal from the games. As of gathering information on this topic I would turn to the internet as well researching all relative topics to see what motivates the IOC to eliminate wrestling from

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