Justification Of Torture

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IS THE USE OF TORTURE UPON TERRORISTS JUSTIFIED YES:CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER//NO: ADREW SULLIVAN Introduction: The topic at hand, Is the use of torture against those who intend to inflict psychological and physical harm to Americans at home and abroad justified in its use? Taking these talking points stances will be Charles Krauthammer for the Justification and Andrew Sullivan for the unjustification of torture use. I believe the use of torture against domestic and foreign terrorist is extremely justified and should be applied liberally to those who wish to strike the fall of the United States, destroy capitalist and democratic systems, and seek to annihilate all who oppose Islamic Sha’ria law and follow the Christian and Jewish faiths. A…show more content…
Yes, this nation was founded upon the morals of self-preservation of the individual, but doesn’t that also fall under the category of preservation as a state, not just the individual? As a government, it is its job as the ruling body of the state to protect its citizens. In order to protect its citizens you must be able to defend yourself from your enemies, within and abroad. The men that seek to destroy our way of life are brainwashed fanatics that have been tapped at the psychological core, to unleash a terror unto innocents in the name of a religion. The men of these terror movements are stalwart in their beliefs. They do not give up sensitive information that would hinder their cause willingly. They are willing to die in the name of Allah and his prophet Muhammad at whatever cost. Thousands of these individuals would not hesitate to torture, mutilate, and behead innocents. As a government that provides the natural freedoms of man to its citizens, it should do all it can to protect its citizens who are threatened. The natural rights of man are a code. If you break the code and abuse your fellow man, you have lost your privileges to these rights. As citizens of a government that keeps us safe, it is not our business to know what steps the government takes to protect us. We are to keep the peace among the nations of the earth because that is our belief as a people, but we must know our enemy, we must know their intentions and what they wish to carry out. Terrorists do not adhere to the custom of respect of an individual. They act as animals, slaughtering without remorse. They do not deserve the rights of our nation or of man. The argument for the Justification of torture on terrorists is completely justifiable and the only course of action in ascertaining vital information for the nation’s defense. To argue against justification is weakness itself. The world has monsters lurking in its dark corners. To
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