Justification of Torture

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From the wars to our today’s life, torture is used as a mean of self-defense or other-defenses to against unlawful actions. There are many different views regarding whether torture can be justified. In my opinion, torture cannot be justified during wars amongst the army but it can be justified in today’s life if someone makes imminent threat towards one’s life. First of all, there is no law or rule to be working during wars. In spite of the fact that every soldier is fighting for their survival and tortures the enemies for gaining important information in order to save someone’s life, this threat is applied bidirectional. It is hard to say which side is right or wrong under this messy circumstance. Therefore, it is hard to be justified as it will create inequity. On the contrary, some people may think that it can be justified since the side trigger up the war has the responsibility to face the torture and this consequent. However, the decision only related to the government but not the army, such as the First Opium War between China and Britain, the reason for the beginning of the war only due to the interest concerned by the British’s government. As a result, all people are innocent and the torture cannot be justified in these cases. On the other hand, there are different situation in today’s life as we are protected from precision law. The self-defense statute helps us against the culpable aggressors and protects innocent defenders. As it states that torture is acceptable if someone makes imminent threat towards their life and there is no duty to retreat from aggressors before defending even there may have the opportunities to do so. But torture that lead by revenge is not acceptable. Due to the reason of self-defense, torture can be justified since people are under forced-choice situation. If they do not torture the aggressors, they cannot stop the
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