Justification For Choice Of International Market Essay

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Justification for choice of international market Red Bull has chosen to enter the United Kingdom’s market for several reasons. Red Bull believes that this market will prove to be lucrative merely because this country is diverse and has successfully adopted many businesses from different parts of the world such as the United States that have definitely sustained growth since inception. Some of these businesses include; McDonalds, Burger King, Coca Cola, and Starbucks. It seems that the U.K. likes change and appreciates the value that products bring to their market. According to (www.kwintessential.co.uk), the U.K. is made up of 1/6 of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales with an estimated population of 60,776,238 in 2007. 71.6% of the population is Christian, 2.7% Muslim, 1% Hindu, and 1.6% other. This information provides important factors that will help Red Bull enter this market successfully while taking into consideration the country’s cultural diversity. This country’s main language is English; the people are a bit more conservative, so Red Bull has to be considerate of their customs. According to (www.britishsoftdrinks.com), “Across all sectors, the market registered a 1% value increase and a marginal volume decline of 1.1% to stand at £13 billion and 13905 million liters respectively. – sports and energy drinks reported a volume growth of 11% and enhanced waters grew by 21%.” This justifies that there is a definite market for Red Bull “Re-class”. According to (Kasriel, D., 2009) Says a spokesperson from UK supermarket ASDA: “We did a survey with our customers at the beginning of the year. They said they are now making product choices around quality and value for money.” Red Bull’s ultimate goal is to maintain equity, value and provide a new product that will suffice the energy/healthy drink market. With Red Bull’s new “Re-class”, people will definitely

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