Justice With Antigone Essay

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Antigone Paideia 9/11/09 Justice The definition of justice is the quality of being morally right. In the play “Antigone” there are many questions of justice. Whether or not Antigone or Creon was being just is one of the arguments. I believe that Antigone was being just based on the definition of being morally right. This is because Creon did not care about morals he wanted to add insult to injury by not burying Polyneices. In our society today we have a fairly good justice system. A group of intelligent people vote on the laws that need to be held up instead of one dictator making the laws that he chooses. Also, if there is ever a question of justice the people who made the laws do not make the punishment or decide whether that person broke the law. In our society today these decisions are usually made by a group of peers instead of one dictator. However, justice is still sometimes questioned and for that there are people that can help you make your case. Things were very different back in the time when Antigone takes place. One ruler made all the laws and it was his responsibility to uphold them and punish people for breaking them. When one person holds this much power they are bound to be corrupt no matter how good of a leader they are. However, I understand why people could side with Creon. He is the ruler of a state and is trying to protect his state and his people. By doing what he did he may have struck fear in the eyes of other potential enemies. Also, Creon did not see the point of burying not only his enemies but a traitor to his state. He thought that Polyneices did not deserve a burial because of what he did. While I can understand this it is still wrong. According to the god’s laws everybody deserves a proper burial otherwise there spirit wanders the earth aimlessly instead of going to be with the gods. Creon also did

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