Justice Rarely Extends To The Outsider

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He is French he is employed he is white Elements that make him an outsider he has no emotions mum dies, no morals, apathetic, boss find him un usual as he dosnt want to go to paris Justice raley extends to the outsider reacRobert just doesn,t get it. He gets up every morning, he goes to work where he greets his colleagues. He doesn’t feel any particular wamth torwards the people he works with and he cannot understand why such Effectivly 2 introductory paragraphs 1. Scenario - Personal - Issue- relevant to prompt (case study/example) 1. Analytical paragraph - Tweasing ideas raised by prompt setting out line of argument Body 1. Discuss ideas raised in 'The Outsider' - argue 1. Example from another source 2. Refer to opening scenario - outcome 1. Conclusion -> draw together main ideas/arguments An outsider does not fit into society and they will do what they see to be right. Although the legal system is meant to be fair, it is only fair to society. If some one is different society tries to outcast them. More often than not, justice does not reach as far as the outsider. Justice is what is seen to be right and just by society and this means that society is catered for. However, an outsider does not conform with society so what they may think is just is different to society. These conflicting views mean that societies justice can be placed on the outsider. Outsiders are often isolated, they don't fit in or necessarily want to fit in . They often don't pick up on the nrules or cues society have to operate. Lindy Chamberlin did not respond like society expected her to when her baby was killed. This made her an outsider. She was never seen crying about her baby and this made people think that she had no emotions and because she had no emotions she must have been more than capable to kill her own

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