Justice Bardwell's Loving V. Virginia?

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Abstract Background Supreme Court Findings Linking to Lineage The views of Justice Bardwell are farfetched and highly controversial. It is unbelievable to think that he is not a racist. His statements attest to the fact that he is not nor has ever been a racist. He states he is only concerned for the children. He thinks that mixed race children will be scorned by both white and black communities alike. His argument is he is protecting the children from years of neglect and from being ostracized by both communities. Justice Bardwell’s leap into what he perceives is a poorly veiled attempt to deny services to individuals based on race. Does his statement about children have validity? Did he violate the law according to the Supreme Courts decision in Loving v. Virginia? Thoughts In the Workplace…show more content…
If a Justice of the Peace can logically think that he is protecting children through his off center racist views. What is there to prevent an employer or supervisor from applying the same misconstrued logic to the workplace? This type of subtle racism occurs everyday, in some workplace around the country everyday. Does it happen in your work environment, hopefully not? The employees must be aware of these subtle attempts to discriminate workers, and be prepared to take the steps necessary to overcome them. As in the case of the Loving’s it initially cost them a conviction in the Virginia legal
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