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Once there was a girl named Neena. Neena was a teenage bully at her school and stared all of the school fights and riots. She was a rude and disrespectful person and cared for nobody but herself. One day she was walking home with her boyfriend and he was holding her binders and she was talking mess about everyone at school and playing her next fight or riot. While she was walking she saw a bus coming but she thought that because she was so popular that the bus would just stop for her. She went in the middle of the street and laughed at the bus thinking that it was going to stop but it kept getting faster. She tried to run but it was too late. The bus had run her over and she was dead. She woke up in a mysterious white room with nothing in it. It was dead silence in there, nothing to be seen or heard. Neena was terrified she thought she would never be seen or heard again until she heard a man call her name very quietly. It was and old man and he told Neena that she had died but it wasn’t so sure that she was going to go to heaven. She begged the old man to let her enter heaven but he refused to let her go. There was only one way for her to enter heaven and that was a certain task that she had to complete. Her task was to stop 1 U.S war and save at least 1000 lives. She accepted the extremely hard challenge and was sent to the makeover portion of this challenge. Neena was told to go to the makeover department to disguise her real identity so when she when back to earth nobody would recognize her. The first thing they changed was the color of her hair from brown to white. The white hair symbolizes the fact that she is doing this for the good and not for the bad. Next they change her eye color from dark brown to light blue and that symbolizes her gentleness and kindness for others. The last thing they changed was her name. Her name is now Kiloni and she is finally

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