Justice And Justice In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey has made clear that the Greek gods have majority of power in the decisions that affect the lifestyles of the people. What is considered right and wrong that make up today’s moral framework would have little effect on the gods’ decision in The Odyssey. The Greek gods are known to lash out with what they feel is ‘just’ behavior on a rampaging impulse of current emotion. Because justice is demonstrated as the whim of the Greek gods, it is clear that justice does rule over the human society in The Odyssey. The gods in The Odyssey, though they are Greek gods, lash out with anger and make irrational decisions, their actions have life-threatening effects on civilizations. The Greek gods and goddesses do not always behave in ways showing…show more content…
With that being said, the gods strongly pervade their form of justice throughout the human society. In comparison with today’s justice, the actions portrayed from the gods would be too cruel and in fact illegal. We have to ask ourselves, is it the fact that because the human society of The Odyssey cannot stand up against the power of the gods that justice permeates? In reading The Odyssey, I have found a degree of caution due to strong fear the humans feel towards the gods. Acceptance of the gods actions are mainly because of great fear the human civilization feels towards the imperious justice system laid upon them, also justice rules over humans by the realization of authority by power. The gods can behave however they want to because they know the mortals are afraid for their wellbeing. Even though the gods disagree and argue the final say of Zeus seems to over bear most of the situations throughout The Odyssey. Fear and acceptance are two major components to how justice in the odyssey permeates. Works Cited Lawall, Sarah, et alia. Eds. The Odyssey. In The Norton Anthology of Western Literature. Volume 1. 8th ed. New York: Norton, 2006. Pp.

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