Justice and Human Rights Essay

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Throughout the course of history, the human rights of many people have been violated. Human rights are rights that are believed to belong to each and every individual. However, there are many incidents in history where a certain group of people in a country were denied their human rights and treated poorly compared to the rest of the population. In Nazi Germany during the reign of Adolf Hitler, any Jew that lived in Germany at the time was denied his or her own human rights. This terrible time period in Germany was known as the Holocaust. Under the influence of Adolf Hitler, the Germans decided that they were a "master race" while any non-German citizen, particularly Jews, were inferior. Because of this idea of Anti-Semitism against the Jews, it would eventually lead into one of the worst events in history known as the Holocaust. Even though the Jews made up less than one percent of the population, Hitler was still able to blame them for their country's defeat in World War I and for its economic problems after the war. As a result, Jews became incredibly hated by the Germans and they slowly started to lose their rights more and more. One example of how the Jews lost their human rights during the Holocaust was that they forced to live in ghettos, or segregated Jewish areas. This happened because Hitler had trouble ridding of the Jews through emigration, so he decided that isolating them in these ghettos was his only other option. Besides the fact that these cities were overcrowded, the Nazis sealed off the ghettos with barbed wire and stone walls. The Germans hoped that the Jews would die of starvation or sickness; however, the Jews were able to survive. After Hitler became tired of waiting for the Jews to die, he decided to take a more severe approach. This leads into the second example of how the Jews lost their human rights. Hitler ordered the systematic
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