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And rising them is such a very hard task, that it could it could even be considered as being the president of the United State of America like my mom would say. Regarding to how certain parents conceive life, education which is the action of developing intellectual and moral values, may be very significant to one's point of view. Let's see how we can elaborate the importance of education to Ruth toward her Childreen in the following lines. In life parents basically have two choices. Whether you start conducting your child since His childhood so he won't deviate along the way and keep the goods to shape a brighter futures for himself or you live him out; get caught upon your personal business till you realize that your child is lost. Ruth, born and raised in a Jewish family until she got married must had certainly received a good education throughout her young age. Became the mother of 12 childreen that she had to raise and provide an education. For Ruth education can be considered as the most important thing in life because through it we transmit our values and principles for generations to come. In her point of view it has two aspects: the religious and the academic ones. Although she barely had time to take care of her childreen the way she should, she tried very hard to give them a life. Having no time, suggested the assistance of another hand which wasn't enabled to Ruth because she had become a single mother along the way. So in order to make sure that her childreen were safe, she stressed very hard on their religious education. Not everyone see it this way and no all churches are like that. From my own experience, i think that church plays a major role in one's life. Born and raised in Christian family i have learned so many things at church. I remember being on my little chair in the youth church every Saturday. in our congregation the Youth

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