Just War or Is It a Just War Essay

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My personal belief is that all wars can be avoided, so obviously I’m biased towards the U.S. involvement being unjustified. Some reasons why we are even involved in this war are oil, terrorism, and holy war. George Bush claimed we were in the war for mass destruction but he really wanted the oil. When George Bush was in office gas prices were in the $3.00-$3.50 range which was outrageous then. While in Afghanistan Bush says we were fighting back from the terrorist attack September 11th, while in fact they were really looking for more oil mines. Essentially the United States was there to make more money. If United States got that oil for cheaper than Bush would keep gas prices the same, higher than need be, and make more money. I asked Mr. Trafney if he believed our involvement in this war was justified and he expressed his beliefs and ultimately said yes, backing up his claim with stating, “It is similar to pearl harbor.” Was placing an atomic bomb because of the pearl harbor justified? Maybe in the eyes of self defense, or any other word politicians want to place with it, but not in the heart of Christians. We often don’t think about if things are fair because it is not happening in our home land. An example I would like to include would be the movie “The Boy in The Striped Pajamas” one of the soldiers believed what he was doing was correct until his own son went into the camp and was put into a gas chamber and killed. He didn’t realize how unhumanly they were treating the jews until it happened to his own family. This is why I think our involvement is unjust, because if it were happening here in the United States people would have a total different view on this war and it being

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