Just Walk On By-Analysis

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Assignment #1 The lecture that teachers do all of the talking in class is one of the most common type of class and a lot of students prefer this type of class because of saving much time and easy to get a good point on exam. However, lately, there is some growing trend of class style that students also can speck in middle of class. I believe that second way of class should be used in school because it is obvious that some reason make this way pretty well, though students feel it wastes time. One supposed advantage of classes where the students do some of the talking is that there is usually a lot more interaction between the teacher and the student than in the lecture. Some people might think interaction between the teacher and the student is not really important when they learn. However, actually it is important than anything else. When the teacher finds interaction between them, they will get more willingness to teaching and also students have an interest in class. Contrary to the lecture classes that always listen to teacher, this type of class develops student’s ability to think. They should think all of the time for preparing the questions and they don’t have to wait until end of the class. To make effective use of time, also they are going to think more carefully and logically. Another important aspect of classes where the students do some of the talking is that they improve speaking skills. Now days speaking skills is one of the most essential part in social life such as communicating with people, interviewing for job and discussion about problems. Like this we know how important it is in our life but we don’t have enough time to prepare speaking skills. For this reason I would like to prefer this kind of class. First time in classes you might be hard to make an announcement with your own view but when you try to present your view many times in

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