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1) Trust, respect, patience, compassion, pride, understanding, tolerance, sensitivity, honesty, sincerity 2) Particular, unusual, untraditional, special, 3) I think that it is a fairy tale because fairy tales always begins with” once there was”, and there iis not reality. And the Sherpa women came 3 times for helping the girl. And it ends happily 4) Supernatural elements, fairies, a witch, 3 moral, magic, an omniscient narrator(alvidende fortæller ) , miracles, once upon a time. Page 22 task 1) Once there was, the Sherpa man came 3 times for helping the. 2) 3) A) Because his father called here a shining mountain, and also because his father was a famous mountaineer. B) His father was always in television. C) That she make him proud and that she is strong. And he wont to climb up to the shining mountain together . d) He prepare her to be a jumper and he will climb up to the mountain together. e) she is concern about that she fall and hurt herself f) because he think that she is strong enough and that only weak persons need help. g) Respectful h) she dreamt a

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