Just Lather, Thats All Essay

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Mrs. Dickinson is static character and she is characterized directly becaue the author have told us what kind woman she is. “She was a gallant-looking correct woman, wearing to-day in London a coat and skirt, a silver fox, white gloves and a dark blue toque.”She is also a proud and restrained woman as evidenced by her distaste for her son’s crying and her own need to “stay in control” of her emotions. She intends to be a good mother and is probably not intentionally hurting her son; she just wants him to be more like a man. The motivation behind her behaviour is have him be like a person just like her. She treats him the way she does because she thinks that her kind of emotional restraint is the best or right way to be. She does love her son, otherwise, she wouldn’t be so concerned about his crying. 3 Frederick and his mother are character foils of personality. Frederick is very fragile heart of children who always feels lonely and despair and hide in his heart with out telling anyone . Mrs. Dickinsion is more likely to be a very strong character in the story, who always do the way she wants to without caring other peoples feeling. She is also a very brave woman who takes everything by herslef without asking anyones help. Mrs. Dickinson and the girl are foils in how they deal with Fred. While Mrs. Dickinson is fed up and frustrated to the point of leaving her son alone in a park with his crying, the girl offers a fresh perspective on the situation and what to do about it. Her outsider status is what allows her to have this new perspective. Fredrick’s mom cannot deal with his crying because she is part of the cause of it. 4. Frederick can’t cure himself of his habit of crying because after his dad died. Her mother have put all her hopes in him. So the pressure have build in the bottom of his heart for so long. And his mother is a very

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