Just an Average Day

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Just an Average Day Hi, my name is HLENGIWE it stands for savior. I live in Uganda, Africa. I heard of stories from some travelers about America and how people can get water by pushing a button and just open a door and there is food. I dream about it on most days when I go through my daily routine. I walk fourteen miles every day to get clean drinking water for my family. It starts before the sun rises and daybreaks on the horizon. Normally I Forage for some bugs or a grub to have something to eat, before I leave to do my chores, but sadly not a single morsel to be found on most days. I leave with only a bucket and a spear by my side to find water and a meal for my family. Hi, my name is John it means follower. I live in Maine, America. My daily routine starts around seven and make a pot of coffee and some eggs and bacon. Take a thirty minute shower or so and brush my teeth. Then drive fifteen minutes to work, then break time rolls around I get a burger or sandwich and a coke. Go home after work and then shower again. Go out for dinner with some friends and I normal don’t finish all of my food and leave it because I won’t eat it again. On average Americans waste over 100 trillion gallons of water a year and over 40%-50% of the food they make or order is thrown away. An on average works around a 46 hour work
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