Just Always Easier to Network Essay

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Research Topic: Why is it easier for me to network socially then it is for me write academically? Drawing from my own experience, I wanted to research why is it easier for me to network socially then it is for me to write academically? This topic is important because college students, high school students, and even middle students can all relate to this. Students have trouble communicating when it comes to papers, however, the minute they get a text from a friend, they can easily respond. Writing is important in general because it’s communication over time and space. Since writing academically requires one to do a whole lot of critical thinking, it becomes a lot harder for the author. Social networks are for entertainment and used for teenagers, in particular, to shape his or her personal and group identities. Social networks are much more open and brutal against what type of people others hang out with whereas academically writing is based of a specific topic. One of the biggest differences between networking and writing academically is that there tends to be more pressure on writing papers. Since there is a grade involve, people probably get nervous and that affects their grades. As my own opinion, I think its easier for me to network socially then it is for me to write academically because I can express my thoughts freely knowing that I will not get a grade for it. When it comes to exams and papers, I get a little antsy because I know there’s some that is going to be criticizing and grading it steadfast. My audience is without a doubt any student that goes to school because they understand how hard it is for one to just write papers without having to plan it out. Another audience could be my friends since this topic has come up with us before. With the research I’ll find, it’ll hopefully help all my general audience. For this paper, anyone can relate to this

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