Jury Of Her Peers Analysis

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“Jury of Her Peers” Analysis In a "Jury of Her Peers" by Susan Glaspell the main problem is that the women Martha Hale and Mrs. Peters understand what the men are blind to. Martha Hale and Mrs. Peters began to see what kind of life Mrs. Wright was living with Mr. Wright. The two women start to fit the pieces together, and they end up solving the murder. The men are just looking for motive, they believe that there is an obvious motive, and they over look the small things. The small things end up telling the whole story. The kitchen is where the women spend most of their time in a “Jury of Her Peers”. The kitchen is able to tell the women what kind of mind frame Mrs. Wright was in by the way it was left. The men just think she was a lousy house keeper. They dismiss the kitchen as a crime scene, yet the women see more into it. The sheriff comments that there’s “nothing here but kitchen things” (par. 93) he is saying here that he believes that there is not anything worth looking for in the kitchen that will help find the motive. The kitchen tells Martha Hale and Mrs. Peters that something has happened here. They see the small details in the kitchen the spilled sugar, a broken chair, crooked stitches in a quit piece, a half wiped table, busted caned goods, and dishes undone. This tells Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters that something startled…show more content…
That is why they could not find a motive. They just saw the small details in the kitchen as Mrs. Wright being a lazy house wife. They did not see that most women of there time was very neat and organized. The men were blind to all the women’s responsibilities and interests. The women looked at the small picture and found out the reason for her murdering Mr. Wright. The women figured that he killed Mrs. Wright along time ago; he took her sense of self. Then he took the last thing she loved her bird. They decided not to say anything to the men about what they

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