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Jury Nullification Paper Katrice Brown CJA/334 Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice 28 July 2014 Professor S. Jury Nullification Paper “Jury nullification occurs in a trial when the jury determines verdict based on personal belief, even though the member of the jury believes the defendant to be guilty of the charges” ("Jury Nullification," 2014). Jury nullification can be very inequitable to parties involved in many court cases. It is because the jury chose to ignore the facts of the case and the judge’s instructions, and based his or her decision on personal opinion. When the race of the defendant has any cause on the outcome of the juries’ decision to drop charges regardless of the amount of evidence, raced-based jury nullification becomes the case. Race-Based Jury Nullification Race-based jury nullification has been in the criminal justice system for many years. It is known to be the most debatable topic amongst citizens, whether they support it or against it. A person should be judged on the sources of the law. When race-based jury nullification became noticeable and a serious problem, many communities made sure a specific amount of minorities are placed on a jury to ensure there’s not as many cases where racial biases could ultimately determine the final decision made on the defendant. On top of making sure there is a certain number of minorities constitute every jury, judges encourage jurors to enter the jury room mindful that race has no final say so on the final decision. Summary of Arguments Race-based nullification has been a problem, and society is seeking justice for minorities and laws are in place to protect the people. The argument on race-based jury nullification is its honest opinions and equality of the United States Constitution and upholding the law and the truth and justice for all represented. After a long history of all

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