Jury Duty Process

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Jury Duty Process The jury duty process for the Virginia Beach Virginia, court system starts with a 27,000 questionnaire forms that are sent to the people in the Virginia Beach Virginia, area. More than 8,600 are needed to fill the calendar year because some maybe or become unqualified within that given year. Some of those unqualified reasons are Military activity, moved out of the area, over the age of 70 can if they choose to, became a felon, health reasons, childcare, lactating mothers, language issues, occupation (law enforcement, judge, attorney…), and if already served within the last three years. The Jury Committee looks over the forms and gets it down to the magical number of 8,600. Approximately 800 jurors per month are randomly selected from the master jury pool. (www.vbgov.com/government/departments/courts/.../jury-duty.aspx), Sun 16Oct.2011 When jurors are needed for a trial, a summons is mailed out to the parties listed on those calendar dates. Citizens selected can be held for contempt of court, with charges and fined up to $200, for failure to respond. A response with the reasons, such as one in the disqualification categories discussed earlier must be given, if unable to attend. (Summons for Jury Duty)1 A mailed appointment card with guidelines and instructions is sent to the citizens a week prior to the selection date. This is to give the citizen’s time for things like employers notification, childcare and also to make them aware of the rules of the courthouse before arriving on the given date. Some of the rules of the Virginia Beach Courthouse are; appropriate business attire, arrive before nine o’clock in the morning, use the given jury parking area and items not permitted in the courthouse. The clerk of that court room will asks the potential jurors, to stand, hold up their right hand and swear or

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