Junod's "The Falling Man" Paper

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English 101-044 Assignment #7 After analyzing “The Falling Man” article so in depth with the help of our class discussion and what I picked up on my own, I can now depict a clear image of what the article was about. You often read a story and don’t get the full potential of the piece until you have read it so many times you could recite it; that’s exactly how I felt about this article. The style of writing he composed the article in was confusing, I wasn’t sure why he wrote it so all-over-the-place, it didn’t flow quite how I thought it should have. He goes from talking about the Hernandez family, to talking about the jumpers, and other families, then back to the Hernandez’s. The purpose of that was to give you a little insight of the story, so you’re left to think about one thing and then to come back to that thought later on and reanalyze it. Junod divided the Hernandez stories into 2 parts to get us emotionally attached to the family at the beginning and showed how we would change our thought about them later. It was a style of writing that I now think makes sense, considering the information I was given. Junod had to make sure his reading came across as age appropriate. It would have been inappropriate for a younger generation to read this story, considering how young they might have been. He also had to remember that as he was writing this paper about real people and he needed to do his best to not offend them with his writing, making sure he kept his writing professional. He may have offended some by the style of writing in the article, especially to not really care when he used the term “jumpers” like it was nothing. He needed to reach out the message to people that some of them were jumping, others were blown out or forced out; regardless to the people, it looked like they were jumping. By making the name of the article “The Falling Man” he is being

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