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Junking Junk Food Analysis

  • Submitted by: Ants236
  • on April 23, 2012
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DJ Chatman
February 25, 2012
Rhetorical Analysis Final Draft

Health and diet are two things that a lot of people do not take very seriously in the United States. Many people want to lose weight and be healthier, but the food that is available to American citizens and the way people view food in general make those tasks much more difficult than they should ever be. Judith Warner speaks about this in her article, “Junking Junk Food.” In this essay, I analyze the rhetorical situation of Warner’s article and her use of ethos, logos, and pathos appeals. I find that while Warner uses all three types of appeals, her pathos appeals are the most important to her argument.
Judith Warner, a published author who writes for the New York Times, has written on many government and societal issues. She has also hosted her own show on XM satellite radio. Warner usually writes general interest pieces for adults. For this article, Warner’s primary audience is no different from the one for all of her other work, which allows Warner to write for her usual discourse community. While she is writing to a very broad primary audience, Warner’s article will have the largest impact on people who are interested in health and diets. She uses simple words and provides a small amount of information for things she references, allowing basically anyone to understand her article. Warner makes the assumption that people know who Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are, but even if you pay only a small amount of attention to politics, you will know who those two are.
Government and political “celebrities” play a large part in determining Americans’ feelings towards many issues in this country. Sarah Palin bringing “dozens and dozens” of cookies to Bucks County, Pennsylvania where she believed that there was an issue, simply builds on the negative feelings many Americans share for her. There was no problem with the kids’ school banning sweets, and Palin’s attempt at government interference...

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