Junk Food Vs Health Food

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In any argumentative essay there are pros and cons that are relative to the topic. One would find it beneficial to choose a healthy diet as oppose to the less desirable diet for the sake of health and healthy living.On the other hand one would argue junk foods are easy to prepare and convenient. In my research of this topic, I was able to compile a list of pros and cons to junk food as well as healthy food in an attempt to compare and contrast the benefits and liabilities of each. I found, someone would be compelled to indulge in junk food for several different reasons, first being, research has proven that junk food serves as “comfort food” in times of distress. When someone is experiencing a stressful time in their life, they are eager to seek out a source of comfort to alleviate the pain or duress of stress and the quickest “fix” would be food. Another potential pro or benefit of junk food is its convenience; junk food is high in popularity because of its simplicity. They are easy to prepare and very tasty, take a food such as a Hot Pocket for example, it is prepared in 2 ½ minutes in the microwave and they taste great, they come in assorted varies such as cheese steak, 3 cheese, or even meatballs. Who wouldn’t want a Hot Pocket? What about price? Junk food is very cost effective, a child could go to the store and buy a bag of potato chips for $.25 and juice for the same price, and he or she could have a snack for $.50. The same holds true when at the fast food drive-up window, a burger and fries could be purchasedfor $1 each plus tax, however, the healthy choice, a salad, would cost about $5 plus tax. ` The list of pros is endless; however in identifying the pros, it was equally easy uncover the cons of junk food. The most evident and obvious being the health factor of it all, as the definition stated, junk food has no

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