Junk Food in Schools? Yes or No?

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Prompt: Should High Schools restrict the availability of junk foods? High schools should restrict the availability of junk foods. High schools should not have junk foods in their schools. There are many reasons why. There’s the cost of the junk food, there’s the risk of obesity, and if schools do have junk food in schools then there’s promoting the unhealthy choices. If high schools don’t restrict the availability of junk foods then they’re just putting children at many risks. Junk food is just all around bad. It’s mostly made up of sugar and calories. Not only is that one negative thing about it but it also increases your chance of diabetes. “In addition, some studies have found that access to healthy foods is associated with lower rates of obesity and diabetes.” The quote above explains my point of how much risk eating junk food, and having junk food available to kids is a big way of putting them at risks, risks such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Schools should just take the easy and healthy road and just get rid of junk food. Some people say that you should give high school students the choice to make there own decisions. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with giving them choices, but why do they have to be between a candy bar and an apple? When they could be between an apple and a banana. When schools give students choices they don’t have to be bad choices. They should be choices that are healthy and will have a good impact on there life. In High School they help you get ready for the real world and prepare you for the things you have to go through and making good choices. Making good choices is a part of those huge things you have to know how to do in the real world. In having bad choices around, how will the students make good choices? “Moreover, the absence of any effects on overall food consumption and physical activity further

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