Junk Food Has Many Virtues

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Junk food has many virtues Let’s faced when we prepared for a storm, especially here in Florida, we do not grab fresh broccoli of the produce department we grab canned soup, loaded with sodium and preservatives, we aim for the carbonated sugary drinks, to the overly salty chips and canned dips. As many options as we do have, junk food has many virtues and one of them is its long shelve life. What will last longer a bag of fresh spinach or a bag of salty chips? We recently went on a road trip to St. Augustine on account to watch our friends play in their first organize volley ball tournament. As we take on the road we can see all the suggested places to stop for food, gas and restrooms. How many of this Plazas and exits do offer or point towards a green market or healthy food store or how far do we want to go out of your way, for a healthier food? Nevertheless, we went for the fast foods that have a carefully calibrated mix of salts and fats that makes them so hard to resist. Why? All this fast foods-junk food are engineered to taste good, it loads our taste sensory, our sense of smell is directly connected to our taste buds, we can’t break away from that connection. After driving for hours we have finally arrived to our destination, exhausted, famished and ready to start the relaxation portion of our short course of travel. We found ourselves on a Sunday evening in the quiet part of the town. Unaware to us, all restaurants and groceries stores close early on Sunday. Now we are faced with the challenge of getting in the car and drive some more or continue on foot to the nearest convenience store for delectable varieties of unwanted junk food. We can chose from ready-made food without expiration date, fruit that have seen better days or go for the ultimate safe food; tightly close bags with best before this date warranty printed on it. Unwillingly we chose

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