Should Junk Food Be Banned? Essay

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Something different for the blog, but something I feel many members of the forum may appreciate reading. The following article has been written for “The Beaver”, the LSE student paper. We would like to feature more alternative writing on the blog, it doesn’t have to be all Hip-Hop related. So if you fancy writing an article, write one, and email it over to us! Obesity – should junk food be banned? By 2010, 31% of men and 28% of women will be obese (their body mass index (BMI) will be above 30). You might think, a drastic problem needs a drastic solution – and you might be right. Those with a propensity for banning rather than thinking will be very tempted to point the finger at junk food, which a growing number of people (voluntarily or not) are consuming at an increasing rate and in increasing quantities, as a result of which they are becoming obese. So, ban junk food then? No. I believe that banning, in any given circumstance, is too radical a measure for it to be anything but a last resort. In this case however, it is a poor recourse altogether. This is because of three reasons: one, junk food is but a symptom of larger issues linked with obesity; two, junk food is not the sole cause of obesity; and three, even if it were, there are major logistical problems that would make it impossible to ban. We all agree that obesity is bad, and that something must be done to curb its increase, and eventually reduce it. However, (leaving out circumstances where obesity is caused by physical conditions beyond the individual’s control), it is clear that junk food isn’t the problem – it’s overcomsumption of it that is. And overconsumption is tied to a number of other issues. We need to understand why people eat junk food to the point of becoming obese. Unfortunately, healthy food is more expensive than junk food. Even if some ‘healthy’ fast-food is available, such

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