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Junk Food Essay

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Junk Food Pros and Cons
Impact of Junk Food on Obesity in Children is obesity. Obesity is a growing problem not only in America but in other developed nations as well. Research shows that today’s school going children are almost three times as likely to be overweight than they were 20 years ago. Obesity in children can give rise to many diseases once thought to affect only adults. Type-2 diabetes that may progress rapidly to insulin required, fatty liver disease leading to cirrhosis, hypertension, sleep disturbances and many orthopedic complications can develop as a result of obesity in young children.
Junk food has been identified as having negative impact on student health because they are high in fats and simple sugars that contribute to weight gain. And compounded by the reduced physical activity among children, it’s a perfect recipe for obesity and other lifestyle diseases .Moreover, eating lot of sugary food (real junk food) reduces the capacity of students to pay attention in the class and do well in their studies. So, there’s no doubt that junk food is one of the main causes for rise in obesity among children. But will putting a ban on these foods in schools improve the prevalent situation? Why Banning Junk Food in Schools May Not Be Such a Good Idea? Simply banning junk food in schools may not solve the problem of bad eating habits in the children. Kids can always smuggle in junk food even if it is banned from the school cafeteria. Keeping a tab on children by digging through lunchboxes and lockers may not be feasible. Moreover, this would harm their privacy.
Secondly, school going children can continue to eat junk food before and after school even when it is banned at school or they can always go off the school grounds to eat meals. The junk food vendors will eagerly serve them. And that’s not all! Banning junk food may prove counter-productive, since the children will see them as ‘forbidden fruit’ and crave them. Again, learning to make good choices...

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