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Junk Food Essay

  • Submitted by: Sall
  • on March 19, 2008
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Junk Food
Many sorts of food are enjoyed by people. Some sorts of food are healthy and some are unhealthy such as junk food. A lot of children though out the world eat junk food. On the other hand, they have no clue future detriments. Although junk food lovers support children eating junk food, others believe that children should be forced to stop eating junk food for two reasons.
The first and the most important reason for forcing children to stop eating junk food relates to health. Also, most of junk food eaters though out the world are young. Eating two or three meals of junk food weekly, consuming many calories which would me more than four or five kilos a year. For example, junk food does not contain any fibre so young people do not feel full when they eat the meal and they will eat more. Consequently, they consume more fats, sugars, carbohydrate and salt, but very little fruit and vegetables. Research shows on a usual day in the US
• 30% of children eat junk food.
• Junk food is the main source for 29 to 38% of children.
• Between 14 to 10 year olds junk food lovers eat 17% more than other kids.
• Junk food eaters normally eat 15% more calories than other kids.
The second significant reason for forcing children to stop eating junk food concerns financial cost. For instance, if a junk food consumer eats three meals a week, and each one costs $6 that means the consumer is paying $18 a week, $72 a month and $864 yearly. Moreover, junk food eaters experience symptoms such as high cholesterol and blood pressure. These symptoms result in need for medical treatment. This costs in terms of doctor check ups and prescriptions. If junk food eater counts how much he/she had spent on unhealthy food and medical treatment, it would be a significant amount.
To sum up, children are the most affected section of the society by eating junk food. They do not know how bad the junk food is. Also, kids have no clue how much they spend on junk food. I think unhealthy food...

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