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How to eat junk food – with moderation! Some experts think junk food is somehow healthy to eat once a month. Others think you shouldn’t eat it at all. Should we or shouldn’t we eat it? And if- in which way? Junk food isn’t healthy - there is absolutely not any good nutrition in the food. It has a high content of salt, sucker and fat. you can also be depended on it. It makes you want it often and gets an irresistible urge for junk food. Junk food is many things. When you say Junk food “Burger” “pommes frites” and “pizza” pups up in our heads but it’s not the all. We have become more aware about eating healthier. This evolving has affected the chain junk food stores. We’ve the opportunity to choose a healthier choice when it comes to junk food. “McDonalds” and “Burger king” which is the markets biggest burger chain stores of junk food is very unhealthy as we know. So if you are thinking getting healthy, why not choose salad or sandwich? “Subway” and “Sunset Boulevard” have chosen to let us make a healthier choice when we want junk food. Unfortunately many people don’t know how healthy those two chain stores are. These also contain a high content of fat, sucker and salt. Not as much as “burger king” and “McDonald’s” but it’s still not that healthy. The burger chain stores lost some of the costumers because of this so they decided to make a “healthy alternative”. But again we get cheated. The salad at McDonald’s contains a high content of sucker. Junk food can affect your mood. It makes you happy in the moment you’re eating it because you fulfill your desire of “need to eat junk food”. But if you eat too much - you can get a serious depression. In the film “Super-size me” we follow a man who tested what would happened if he ate McDonalds every day twice a day. The man got sleeping problems, depression, tempers issues and nearly died of it. - But

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